Monday, September 7, 2009

Dwo Wen Chen

Dwo Wen Chen 6

Dwo Wen Chen Teapot 1

Dwo Wen Chen 4

Dwo Wen Chen 5

Dwo Wen Chen 3

DWO Wen Chen set 2

Dwo Wen Chen


  1. your american mother knows how wonderful you are!
    i'm glad you're sharing your beautiful creations with the world.i'm so proud!!

  2. Your whimsical creations reflect an inner confidence, and are downright cool! I've seen you grow immensely as an artist. I'm so excited seeing your work alongside this excellent group of talented artists. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight. You deserve it! Taiwan should be proud of having a native son represent it so well. Thank you Loren for all that you're given to the art world.


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